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Maria Carmela Intense Living is a project that starts from afar.

It starts from the friendship of two women, my mother-in-law and my mother, who among the many things they had in common was the desire to preserve tradition.
By this we did not mean only the exterior made perhaps with some antiques, but the genuine tradition of the countryside of the lower Gallura. A concept that was expressed in facts with simplicity, respect for the environment and biodiversity, which was considered a natural value and not a fashion, as is the case today.

This means a less stressed way of understanding life, a life marked by the seasons, and where you ate only what produced the land you cultivated at that time or could get from the neighbor.

Faithful to this way of understanding life, I carry on this project, in this house built in the peace of the countryside.
A large kitchen where you will see how to create a tasty lunch from scratch, large and comfortable rooms where you can rest from a day of walking in the surrounding area or simply in the idleness of our garden.

This is the concept of Maria Carmela Intense Living, located in the countryside of Olbia.
A dive into an incredibly contemporary past.