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Take your time.
Rediscover genuine flavors in a simple setting
but with all the comforts and warmth of Sardinian hospitality.

Zero Km Food

Here we cook based on what the land produces in the season. The vegetables, the fruit, the shepherd’s ricotta, the wine, everything you eat has a concept as its guiding thread: time and its seasons.

Family atmosphere

A relaxed atmosphere. The light coming in from the windows. A large table set with simplicity and care at the same time. A friendly, courteous but not forced atmosphere. Feel at home.

Eco Friendly

Respect for the environment as it once was. Simple gestures such as not throwing anything away in a kitchen made with the local product. A concept that was expressed with the simplicity of the way of life.

What I cook

There is never a set menu in my kitchen. Depending on the season, the production of the garden and that of our neighbors, who are also agricultural producers, you can find everything. The only constant is the research and respect for tradition in the preparation of our recipes. In my kitchen you can find a nice minestrone of fresh vegetables as well as a “macarone e  poddighe”, in winter a polenta. Or a fresh egg omelette with local asparagus, a fresh pasta.
You bring your curiosity and your appetite. I’ll take care of the rest.


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